Political analyst Dragomir Anđelković has told SRNA that a public rally in Banjaluka showed people’s support to Milorad Dodik and his right to remain the president because he was elected president of Republika Srpska, and at the same time, showed the support for the unity in the defense of Srpska and its integrity.

 “I think there are two dimensions here – one is the support for Dodik because a large number of his and his party’s sympathizers have gathered to support him in circumstances when they believe that someone is unfairly stealing his victory,” Anđelković said.

The second dimension, he pointed out, is the national one, which is not exclusively party and political.

“I think that a large number of citizens wanted to express their support for the integrity of Republika Srpska in this way, and not allow someone from the outside to override the will of citizens and thus take a step towards usurping some new powers,” Anđelković said.

According to him, whoever gives himself the right to override the will of citizens, will once again begin to usurp the powers of Republika Srpska and reduce it to a mere administrative form.

“Citizens feel this, so, defending the freedom of the people of Republika Srpska to choose their political leaders, they also defend Srpska’s statehood and independence,” Anđelković said.

When all that is combined, he says, you get a rally that was truly huge and massive, full of energy and enthusiasm.

“This is the best guarantee that no one can degrade Republika Srpska in any way, nor ignore the will of citizens expressed in elections. And the result is Dodik’s victory,” Anđelković emphasized.

He added that Dodik was strong enough even before last night’s rally because it is clear that the SNSD candidates won at all levels in recent elections.

Anđelković pointed out that Republika Srpska was strengthened with this rally because this is an expression of unity in the defense of Srpska.

“I think that even people who personally have a politically negative attitude towards Dodik support his right to become president because he was elected president. They are thus defending Republika Srpska,” Anđelković said.

The large rally “the Fatherland is Calling” was held last night in Banjaluka from which a message was sent to the Central Election Commission of BiH that the people of Republika Srpska elected their president, Milorad Dodik, and that they should not try to change it.

A public proclamation was read at the rally, which was organized by the SNSD and its coalition partners, which says that Republika Srpska does not want an anti-Dayton and anti-constitutional BiH, nor a BiH that is only according to the will of the Bosniak people.