Serb member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) institution of Presidency, Milorad Dodik has said that Republika Srpska will certainly leave and take its 49 percent of BiH with it if the BiH Constitution is not restored to its original form, as agreed upon in the Dayton Accords.

“The people of Republika Srpska clearly showed at the magnificent rally in Banjaluka that they do not want an anti-Dayton and anti-constitutional BiH,” said Dodik.

He pointed out that the Serbian people do not hate anyone, but they will not allow the unitary state of BiH to be created here.

“Those who say that there are no bad intentions towards Republika Srpska are not telling the truth and are not right. They are bothered by everything Serbian, our flag, and Republika Srpska is what bothers them the most,” Dodik said on Twitter.

He emphasized that Srpska has so far survived attacks that larger nations could not.

“All these years, they wanted Srpska to disappear, but it survived and will survive as long as the voice of our people is heard,” stressed Dodik.