The hero of the Battle of Košare, one of the few and brave fighters, Pera Karapandža from Jakovo, has died.

In his lifetime, he was awarded the Order of Courage. His wartime friend, Darko Anđelković from Raška, confirmed the sad news to Novosti.

“Perica recently received the title of Serbian Knight of the Order of the Dragon. It is extraneous to say anything about a man who put himself in the defense of his homeland at 20 years old and defended Mother Serbia, willing to give his life for it if necessary. He was a man of rare bravery and honesty. Unfortunately, he left us early. I hope he will be in the company of Obilić and Jugović. We are very moved by the sudden death of our brother in arms, we are tied by our days in war and the fights that we faced with song,” Darko said to Novosti.

He pointed out that in his life, Pera fought to make sure that our brothers who gave their lives at Košare are not forgotten.

Pera will be buried next Monday at the cemetery in Jakovo.