The Head of the Republika Srpska Journalists Association, Danijel Simić, claims that the media in the Muslim dominated Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) is totalitarian, single-minded and aggressively directed against Republika Srpska, which was demonstrated by the journalist Senad Hadžifejzović in a show where he called on someone from the international community to replace the Serb member of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik.

 “If there were calls for assassination, that in itself is terrible, but no one notices the fact that he is asking some international factor to interfere in the internal affairs of a country,” Simić told SRNA.

He assesses that it is just as scandalous as possible calling for assassiantion, and that in any normal country where a presenter would say such a sentence, a scandal would arise and criminal charges would be filed.

Simić added that competent services, such as the police and the BiH Communications Regulatory Agency, should conduct an investigation and establish whether there was incitement to assassination.

“There are forensic experts who will establish what exactly Hadžifejzović said,” said Simić.

He stated that Hadžifejzović’s activity is a consequence of the thirty-year behaviour of the public space in the FBiH in the sense that they deal aggressively with Republika Srpska.

“People have simply become accustomed to such a behavior, therefore no one questions whether it is more scandalous that a journalist, who advocates for a sovereign state, calls for replacing the current member of the BiH Presidency, democratically elected, by someone from outside “, Simić pointed out.

He emphasized that the Association of Srpska Journalists condemns the fact that a media representative talks about internal affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina as if they were issues of Washington, Brussels, Moscow or anyone else.

“Issues are to be resolved within BiH, the institutions of the system and the law,” said Simić.

He concluded that the Republika Srpska journalists hardly ever deal with the FBiH. Even when they do, they do not do it in a malicious and aggressive manner as the journalist in the FBiH do.

The owner and director of Sarajevo’s “Face Television”, Senad Hadžifejzović, during a conversation with a show guest about what to do with the Serb member of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, asked if the solution was to “dismiss, appease or kill him?”.

Hadžifejzović didn’t make any announcements about it all day yesterday, only published a statement last night accusing other people, along with edited video where instead of “kill” he says “appease”, which was also published by BN television, which is close to the opposition in Srpska.