The President of Serbia, as the commander-in-chief, has issued an order to the Army of Serbia to remain on alert over the situation in Kosovo, that is, to raise the degree of combat readiness to a level where it may be able to respond to any mission, the Minister of Defense Miloš Vučević said today.

Minister of Defense Miloš Vučević

“Of course, nobody wants wars or conflicts, nor is anybody even thinking about playing those games. Serbia is a serious country and it is taking all possible steps to be able to respond to any challenging situation, that is, to any potential problem,” said the Minister.

He added that Serbia may not relax, but that it is advocating for dialogue. He said that the military is prepared to carry out any order from Vučić, who is its commander-in-chief, to protect all citizens of Serbia, including the Serbs in Kosovo, “and nobody should have any doubt of that”.

“Serbia is in favor of dialogue. It is better to negotiate for a thousand days than to spend a single day in a trench,” Vučević assessed.