The president of the Municipality of Severna Mitrovica Milan Radojević said that the Kosovo* Police has begun issuing warnings at the administrative crossings in Jarinje and Brnjak, but that this would certainly not change the position of Serbs in the north of Kosovo and Metohija regarding re-registration, reported RTS.

“Serbs in the north of Kosovo and Metohija are truly not a threat to anybody, we want to live a life worthy of humans. There are going to be no incidents or problems on our part, not until after the first fine is issued, which may happen in 21 days, according to the announcements from Priština. But we shall see what the reality is on the ground,” Radojević pointed out.

He said that he could not imagine a situation where the Kosovo Police would issue a fine to an ambulance or a bus transporting children, as well as that Serbs are standing on the sidelines only because they have Kosovo and Metohija licence plates. They may travel anywhere in the world with those plates, except in Kosovo and Metohija, and only because of a whim of one man in Priština.

After midnight, Priština begun implementing new measures for the re-registration of vehicles from Serbian to local Republic of Kosovo plates. It has been announced that the re-registration may be carried out up to April 21 next year, as well as that starting on November 21, drivers would be issued a 150 Euro fine if their vehicles carry licence plates with the initials of cities in Kosovo and Metohija issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia.