Serb member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Presidency, Milorad Dodik, in a letter sent to the Chairman of the UN Security Council, Harold Agyeman, stated that the delegation that will attend the meeting of this body of the world organization was not approved by BiH nor was it authorized by the relevant institutions, so it should be considered a private expedition of self-selected members.

In the letter Dodik stressed that not one person from Bosnia and Herzegovina, regardless of rank and function, had the permission provided by the Constitution to speak at any international event.

He reminded Agyeman of BiH’s complex structure and that such attempts only worsened the internal political situation, which by itself, was already very complex.

“Therefore, I inform you that, due to the internal rules and procedures that regulate duties and obligations of the collective Presidency of BiH, no representative from BiH is currently authorized to make statements in front of any international body or forum on behalf of BiH, including the above-mentioned meeting,” Dodik pointed out.

He underlined that the BiH Presidency did not make any decision by which any BiH official would be present at the UN Security Council meeting on behalf of the Presidency.

“Unfortunately, we are witnessing the attempts of some BiH officials to abuse international forums, events and meetings of various bodies by presenting their personal, inconsistent and unapproved statements that do not reflect the position of all relevant participants in BiH,” said Dodik.

In the case of such efforts, Dodik told Agyeman to keep in mind that this person, regardless of the rank and function he performed, was making a statement exclusively on his/her own behalf, presenting either a personal or a political party’s point of view, but in no case such statement should be considered made and presented on behalf of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“A malicious political mantra, which is expected in the speech of Mr./permanent representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the UN Sven/ Alkalaj or Mrs./minister of foreign affairs Bisera/ Turković/, considering that these are the two persons who signed up for statements at this meeting/, and that persistently call attention to the fact that Republika Srpska, together with its institutions and leaders, is the initiator of all problems in Bosnia and Herzegovina – it is simply not true and reflects the constant practice of false allegations about the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the classic theses replacement,” Dodik emphasized.

He emphasized that the delegation that will attend the UN Security Council meeting during Agyeman’s presidency is not a delegation approved by BiH nor authorized by the relevant institutions in accordance with the procedures in force in BiH at any level.

“It should be considered a private expedition of self-elected members who do not have a mandate and/or common instructions and points of view,” Dodik stressed in the letter to Agyeman, who is also Ghana’s permanent representative to the UN.

The UN Security Council will hold a semi-annual debate on BiH today, it was announced on the UN website. /