The four heads of municipal election commissions tendered their irrevocable resignations this morning, Slobodan Dimitrijevic, now former president of the MEC for North Mitrovica, confirmed for KoSSev. At this moment, employees of the municipality of North Mitrovica are also submitting their resignations in large numbers.

According to Dimitrijevic, the reason why the president of the MEC resigned was the announcement that extraordinary elections would be called in four municipalities in the north after political representatives of the Kosovo Serb community resigned.

At the same time, a large number of employees are currently gathered in front of the municipal building, in order to tender their resignations.

The latest license plate-related crisis is underway in Kosovo and Metohija, which resulted in Serbs withdrawing from Kosovan* institutions. Belgrade and Pristina accuse each other of causing the new situation. International representatives call for an immediate de-escalation of tensions, urging the government in Pristina to postpone the deadline for reregistration for the next 10 months, and for the Serbs to return to Kosovo institutions.

Kosovo* Prime Minister Albin Kurti also called on Serbs to return to Kosovo’s* institutions on several occasions. He reiterated the same message today at a session of the Kosovo government.

„Those who called on the withdrawal from Kosovo’s* institutions are those who stand in the way of legality and constitutionality, the fight against crime and corruption,“ Kurti said.