Cyprus does not recognize the unilaterally proclaimed independence of Kosovo and it is not considering changing that position, said the country’s Ambassador to Serbia Demetrios Theophylactou, pointing out that it was evident that Priština was the one that does not fulfill its obligations and that it had to start adhering to the Brussels Agreement as the only framework for making progress in dialogue.

In an interview with Tanjug, the Ambassador of Cyprus to Serbia Demetrios Theophylactou said that the position of Cyprus, as well as the positions of several other European Union countries on the unilaterally proclaimed independence of Kosovo was well known.

Given that Cyprus is itself “a victim of aggression and invasion”, as long as the United Nations Resolution No. 1244 is in effect, “we consider the unilateral proclamation of independence to be illegal and contrary to the law,” Ambassador Theophylactou said in response to a question about the position of Cyprus regarding the announced request of Priština for admission into the European Union.

He reminded that Cyprus was not the only country in the European Union that does not recognize Kosovo, which is the reason why he believes that this principled position, based in the international law and the United Nations Charter, will be acknowledged and respected.

“We will go forward with our policy and we believe that it is always taken into consideration,” added Theophylactou.