The Minister of Defense of Serbia Miloš Vučević gave his congratulations today on the occasion of the Day of the Military Security Agency, pointing out that the Agency was a key factor of the security and intelligence system which represents a guarantee of stability of both the defense system and Serbia as a country.

In a congratulatory message addressed to the members of the Agency, Vučević stated that the members of the Military Security Agency have shown that in practice, nurturing a tradition of counterintelligence and security protection, founded in the military of the Principality of Serbia 183 years ago, and successfully carrying out extremely complex missions, announced the Ministry of Defense of Serbia.

“Since the military law was passed, detailing the various forms of threatening the security of the military, you have been successfully carrying out your missions in the fight against organized crime, corruption and other potential security threats,” Vučević said.

He pointed out that he was convinced that the members of the Military Security Agency will continue to successfully carry out their missions in the future and affirm the agency, as well as the defense system as a whole.