The Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabić said yesterday that Serbia is faced with a threat that its foreign investors would withdraw unless it imposed sanctions on Russia, adding that the government was able to defend itself from that threat.

Brnabić pointed out that the reason why foreign investors came to Serbia was because they needed a stable situation regarding energy prices.

The stability of Serbia is reflected in the fact that it has the cheapest gas, with Hungary being the only country where it is cheaper for industry prices, and when it comes to electricity, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina have cheaper electricity for industry, said Brnabić to TV Prva.

Speaking on the situation in Kosovo and Metohija, Brnabić said that she was not hopeful for a change in the matter of the unilateral decision of Priština about the re-registratuon of vehicles with Serbian plates, nor that the West would put a lot of pressure on the Priština government to give up on that measure.