Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has stated that everything the Croat BiH Presidency member, Željko Komšić, said yesterday in his speech at the constituent session was a lie and that he once again proved that his policy would be a policy of lies, hoax and embarrassment of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) at the international level.

 “Everything that Željko Komšić stated in his address is a pure lie, which is why I left the constituent session while he was speaking,” said Dodik.

Dodik pointed out that everything Komšić said about integration and cooperation with NATO was a fabrication.

“There is no BiH’s NATO path, there is no agreed position on membership, there is only cooperation, but with such forward-looking behavior and unilateral activity, he has once again proved what his policy will be in the future. It is a policy of lies, fraud and embarrassment for Bosnia and Herzegovina at the international level,” Dodik wrote on Twitter.

Dodik noted that Komšić was not elected by the citizens, as he falsely claims, but was elected by one part of the Federation, not the one that was supposed to elect him – the Croat people, as the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina requires, but the Bosniak people.

He recalled that Komšić reached the position in the Presidency through fraud and lies depriving the Croat people for the fourth time of the Constitution-defined right to elect.

“He used the same intrigues all these four years where we were performing the duties of the collective head, to present his personal views as the official position of the Presidency,” noted Dodik.

Croat member of the BiH Presidency, Željko Komšić, said today that he will keep advocating for the continuation of NATO and EU integration of BiH in the next four years in the Presidency.