The Brussels Agreement was signed in 2013, it must be implemented and it cannot be transferred to some other agreements, the Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabić said to Tanjug today in Singapore.

She made the statement commenting on the alleged proposals of the International community, reported by certain media outlets, about de-escalating the situation in the north of Kosovo and Metohija, with a particular emphasis on the demand for establishing the Union of Municipalities with a majority Serbian population, whose formation is already outlined in the Brussels Agreement, and the discussions within the scope of the French-German plan for resolving the Kosovo issue.

The Prime Minister of Serbia has pointed out that the Brussels Agreement was the first agreement on normalization, and that it must be implemented.

“It has already been agreed, it has already been signed, and its implementation is being guaranteed by the European Union. You cannot say that “Belgrade has fulfilled all of the provisions of the Brussels Agreement, and if Priština has not, well, what can we do about it.” That is not fair,” Brnabić pointed out.

According to her, the entire credibility of the European Union is at stake here.

“The signature of the High Representative of the European Union is on that document. I do not understand how we can even be having these discussions, and I hope that the news item is fake or incomplete, because it would not make any sense,” assessed Brnabić.

The Prime Minister of Serbia said that she was not familiar with the allegations of the Albanian media that the agreement on de-escalation in the north of Kosovo and Metohija has already been reached and that it would be published on Friday.

Asked the question whether there was any space for dialogue under these circumstances, Brnabić answered that she could not see one.

“I am not optimistic. I don’t know what sort of an additional agreement could even be reached, given that Priština has already violated all agreements that have been accomplished previously, and that the only thing we are asking for is to respect those already signed agreements. I do know that the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić is doing his best, I also know that he is constantly communicating with the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija and attempting to find a solution that would again secure the peace and stability in our region,” she pointed out.

Certain Albanian-language media are publishing non-papers in Albanian, as well as alleged exclusive findings that in principle, an agreement on de-escalating the situation in Kosovo and Metohija has been reached.

The Priština daily Koha has published another alleged non-paper, this time on the Union of Municipalities with a Serbian majority, which, according to this media outlet, is following the legal document from the French-German proposal.

As a solution to the delay in forming the Union of Serbian Municipalities, the document suggests passing a new law, so that Priština’s obligation from the first Brussels Agreement to form the Union of Serbian Municipalities would be realized through the Parliament instead of through the government.