Serbian PM Ana Brnabic said on Friday no agreement whatsoever had been reached with Pristina on vehicle licence plates in Kosovo-Metohija and noted that both Belgrade and Serbs in the province wanted to see signed agreements implemented and respected.

In a statement to Tanjug, Brnabic said Belgrade was concerned because it did not see any results of Pristina’s discussions with the EU and the US.

“(Pristina PM) Albin Kurti is saying that the Brussels Agreement does not exist. Those are bad signals. The agreement does exist and what has been signed must be respected,” Brnabic said.

She also noted that Belgrade expected Pristina’s discussions with the EU and the US to produce results.

She said rule of law was a European principle also reflected in implementation of signed agreements and noted that Belgrade had met its commitments a long time ago.

She recalled that, under a 2021 agreement on licence plates, a sticker regime had been introduced and an agreement made that it would not be changed without mutual consent but that Pristina had unilaterally breached the deal.

Commenting on Pristina’s claims about 20 modalities, Brnabic said: “They can have as many as 120 modalities.”

“I do not care about that. Pristina must implement what has been signed,” she said.