In a meeting between the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić and the Prime Minister of the provisional institutions in Priština Albin Kurti, convened by the European Union, Serbia was presented with a humiliating proposal this morning, a source familiar with the negotiations said to Blic this morning.

The content of the proposal is unknown, but per the reporting of the Telegram channel BUNT, it appears to be a proposal to revoke the law on licence plates in exchange for allowing the false state of Kosovo into the Council of Europe.

Given that Serbia did not yield to the blackmail, the Albanians will begin to punish Serbs for refusing to switch their licence plates to those with the insignia of the “Republic of Kosovo”.

The Serbs have repeatedly stated that they are prepared to begin erecting barricades again and that they will not accept the Albanian licence plates that project the status of an independent republic onto the southern Serbian province.

The decision on punishing has been pushed back by a day due to the negotiations in Brussels. The next phase in the implementation of the forced re-registration is expected to begin tonight at midnight.