The Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Chief of the United Nations Mission to Kosovo and Metohija (UNMIK) Caroline Ziadeh expressed her remorse today over the failure to reach an agreement at the discussions in Brussels in order to overcome the current, as she said, deadlock in Kosovo and Metohija.

Ziadeh stressed the need to avoid any and all escalation that may lead to destabilizing the situation on the ground, lead to unintended consequences and threaten the hard-won successes in the last decade, announced the UNMIK.

Tha UNMIK chief pointed out that dialogue and compromise were the foundation of any plan for sustainable peace.

Ziadeh called for responsibility and true devotion to dialogue with the mediation of the European Union.

As a reminder, the negotiations held yesterday in Brussels ended in failure after going on for more than eight hours, due to the Albanian side’s persistent refusal to accept any solution not including the recognition of the false state by Serbia.