On this day 104 years ago, the Great People’s Assembly of the Serbian People in Montenegro, better known as the Podgorica Assembly, voted on a historic and famous decision on the unification of Montenegro and Serbia.

160 members of the Podgorica Assembly voted on the unification decision. The document provided for Montenegro uniting with Serbia as one country under the Karađorđević dynasty.

According to the decision of the Podgorica Assembly, the sovereign King Nikola of Montenegro, who had fled the country earlier, was removed from the throne.

The Podgorica Assembly’s November 26 decision on the unification of Montenegro and Serbia was the introduction to the declaration of a common country of Serbs, Croatians and Slovenians on December 1 in Belgrade.

The Podgorica Assembly was in session between November 24 to November 29, with the most significant session being held on November 26, when they passed the historic decision on the unification of the Kingdom of Montenegro with the Kingdom of Serbia, as well as the decision to remove the Petrović dynasty from the throne.

An international observing commission, composed of multiple members from various countries, announced that the decisions of the Podgorica Assembly reflected the will of the majority of the population of Montenegro at the time.