The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Ivica Dačić has spoken about the motion filed by the so-called Football Association of Kosovo* to discipline the national football team of Serbia over the “No Surrender” flag which graced the Eagles’ locker room prior to their match against Brazil. Dačić said to FIFA that this would be a hypocritical move, given that the United Nations have not recognized Kosovo*, as well as that there was a double standard at play.

“Now we cannot react here as a state, given that those are athletic associations. But this just goes to show the extent of the hypocrisy. Look, just imagine now if Ukraine were there. And if it said, Crimea is Ukraine, no surrender. Would anyone kick Ukraine out, would they discipline Ukraine?,” Ivica Dačić said as a guest on the “Morning” show on TV Prva.

Dačić added that the fact that Kosovo was accepted into FIFA meant nothing, seeing as several of its members were of a regional stature.