The Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabić said today, after her meeting with her Romanian counterpart Nicolae Ciucă, that Romania was not planning on changing its position concerning Kosovo.

Asked by reporters whether Ciucă may have related to her that Romania had been asked to change its position, keeping in mind that there were findings that Kosovo was planning to apply for membership in the European Union, Brnabić said that she had not even asked the question, because, as she said, she was aware that Romania was under pressure.

“I believe that each of us knows that these five member countries of the European Union which do not recognize the unilaterally proclaimed independence of Kosovo* are constantly under severe pressure because there are certain other member countries who are always pulling to the side that the European Union should not be status-neutral, but it is status-neutral,” Brnabić said in Bucharest.

She pointed out that in the past 48 hours, Serbia had heard from its partners in Spain, and now in Romania as well, that they were not planning on changing their position regarding Kosovo.

The Prime Minister assessed that it was extremely praise-worthy and good for the overall stability of the European continent, and also for the world as a whole, because those were, as she pointed out, countries which abide by the basic principles of the international law, as well as the United Nations Charter, one of which is the inviolability of the territorial integrity of internationally recognized countries such as Serbia.

“And that truly is the basic principle of the international law. In doing so, those countries are preserving the international legal order,” said the Prime Minister of Serbia.