The Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabić said that the appointment of Nenad Rašić as Minister of Communities and Returns of the self-proclaimed Kosovo was not only in contravention of the Brussels Agreement, but also of will of the people as expressed in the election, as well as that the reaction of the European Union was an embarrassment.

Brnabić said that Serbia would not be attending the European Union’s Western Balkans summit on December 6 in Tirana.

“We have been waiting to see what the European Union would say about the appointment of Rašić, and we saw yet another embarrassing statement,” Brnabić said about the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Policy Peter Stano’s call for Belgrade and Priština to work according to the binding agreements on dialogue, as well as on the urgent return of Kosovo Serbs to all Priština institutions.

Brnabić said that “following such an embarrassing statement from the European Union, yet another in a series of them, there is no further need for Serbia to continue to participate in summits on the Western Balkans,” reported the RTS.

“Let me ask this again — after Priština has failed to implement the Brussels Agreement for ten years, which is guaranteed by the European Union, after Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija were denied their right to vote this year, two times in fact, to which the European Union reacted with a single sentence in their progress report, and after Priština continues to ignore the clearly stated will of the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija with their appointment of Rašić, so, let me as the European Union — where are those European values? Where is the democracy? What happened to the rule of the law?,” said the Prime Minister of Serbia.

She stated that the European Union would either begin to respect the values it promotes, or there would be no further need for Serbia to participate in this farce.

“For the first time, Serbia will not attend the European Union’s summit on the Western Balkans which will be held on December 6 in Tirana,” Brnabić stressed.