20-year-old Nikola Nedeljković from Belgrade, who was arrested on June 28 at Gazimestan for alleged felony incitement of hatred, is awaiting a decision from the Court of Appeals in Priština, which is due to respond to the defense’s appeal within the week.

According to Jovana Filipović, the attorney who is representing Nedeljković, the Court of Appeals held a session on November 24, and the legal deadline for responding to an appeal is 15 days.

“We are moving for an acquittal, that is, to have the first-instance verdict of the Basic Court annulled. The response should be in within the week,” Filipović said briefly.

Nikola Nedeljković was arrested at Gazimestan at the central St. Vitus’ Day celebration, and detained by the same two Albanian police officers who had arrested Risto Jovanović from Podgorica at Gazimestan the year before.