Mayor Mirko Đurić and the representatives of vineyards from Trebinje were among the first to respond to the plea from the president of the Board for Aid to Kosovo and Metohija Milorar Arlov to help the family of Srđan Petrović from Velika Hoča, who had 42,000 liters of wine seized by the police of the self-proclaimed Kosovo.

All Trebinje winemakers are unanimous in helping and showing solidarity to a colleague, who sustained severe material damage and suffered great distress.

A family-owned winemaking business belonging to Srđan Petrović from Velika Hoča, with a century of tradition, disappeared in a moment when the police of the self-proclaimed Kosovo seized 42,000 liters of their wine. With hard labor and several decades of investment, Petrović honorably supported and fed his family. Trebinje winemakers, who voiced their support to Petrović, are intimately familiar with the amount of labor and sweat to keep a business afloat and continue a family tradition.

“One of the ideas was that the Agrarian Fund has our stores in Banja Luka and Sarajevo, and to donate bottles of wine and sell them at a discount there. It is important that we react quickly, so that this man can come here and see that they are not alone,” said winemaker Dragan Anđelić.

All of us in the Republic of Srpska stand with the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, we will try to help them as much as we are able to. That is why we have gathered here today, to find solutions and ways to help those who have suffered an injustice, said the Mayor of Trebinje.

“We have gotten in touch with Mr. Petrović, he would like to come to Trebinje before the end of the year. He took it as a message that is important to him at this moment, and then we will define specifically in which way we will help, whether it will be money, wine, brandy. It is my belief that this is very important,” said Mayor Mirko Đurić.

The police of the self-proclaimed Kosovo entered Petrović’s vineyard with long-barreled guns and seized 42,000 liters of wine. Srđan and his neighbors will not be leaving their ancient homeland, despite the pressure on them.