In a public address due to the latest developments in Kosovo and Metohija, the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić stated that he pointed his international counterparts’ attention to the recklessness of Priština in the arrest of police officer Dejan Pantić, whose wife Suzana he had spoken with.

We have agreed on a text which will be addressed to the commander of the KFOR, where we will be requesting the return of our security forces to Kosovo and Metohija, Vučić announced.

“Our fight is still ahead of us, they have done everything to make it impossible for Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija to have a normal life,” Vučić said.

Priština violated the Washington Agreement in its entirety, given that it will be filing a request for membership in the European Union in Brussels on October 15.

“This is a highly unpleasant development for us, as well as a violation of the Washington Agreement,” Vučić pointed out.

According to him, he has addressed a letter to Presidents and Prime Ministers of the five countries which have not recognizes the self-proclaimed independence of Kosovo, seeing as only countries are able to request membership, which Kosovo is not.

“These are our friends, I believe that the letter will be meaningful,” Vučić added.

He said that Serbia and himself will be faced with the greatest and most intense pressure from the outside so far, and said that he will not be recognizing Kosovo, nor backing away from the demand to establish the Union of Serbian Municipalities.

Vučić pointed out that Serbs have respected the deal and the Brussels Agreement for ten years, whereas the Albanians have not, and that Albin Kurti is now claiming that the demand to establish the Union of Serbian Municipalities in dialogue is a childish wish and that we can only have it if we recognize Kosovo.

“Given that we will be faced with this kind of pressure regardless of the price, whether to recognize them or allow their entry into the United Nations — I am not quite as stupid as I appear to some, and I will not accept this. It has not crossed my mind. They will have to fulfill what they have signed on in the Brussels Agreement,” Vučić pointed out.

According to him, himself and Serbia as a whole will be faced with intense attacks and pressure from the outside, not only the hybrid war that we have been faced with so far, but so far the greatest and most intense amount of pressure imaginable.

“And I can be expecting this as early as December 17, when representatives of Germany, France, the United States and Brussels are set to visit Belgrade and when they “explain” it to me how we have to behave, and what the consequences will be if we do not,” Vučić said.