The news that the Law on the President has been passed in the Parliament of Montenegro drew immediate reaction.

The supporters of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), gathered in the “We Are Here” movement, met the news with boos and whistles. Soon they began to throw rocks at the members of the police and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, that is, towards the Parliament building.

Members of the police reacted by immediately deploying tear gas.

Sources from the police claim that after it was announced via loudspeaker that the gathering was finished, about thirty young men put on ski masks and assaulted the police with pepper spray, and knocked down a fence in front of the Parliament.

The Democratic Party of Socialists, the successor to the Communist Party of Montenegro, was voted out in the 2020 election after 75 years in power. The newly passed Law on the President is supposed to oblige the President of Montenegro to assign a mandate to the candidate elected by the parliamentary majority.