The head of the EULEX mission Lars-Gunnar Wigemark does not know whether Dejan Pantić has received his medication.

“I am receiving contradictory information. I have information that he has been receiving his medicine, but also that he has not. We are looking into the situation. We have delivered the medicine to the Kosovo* Police in Leposavić and requested that it be delivered to Mr. Pantić, who is being held in detention in a location that I cannot officially confirm seeing as I do not know for a fact where it is. We were told that the medicine has been delivered, but there are contradicting statements from certain sources,” said Wigemark.

To reiterate: the head of the EULEX Lars-Gunnar Wigemark is not sure whrre Pantić is, or whether he has received the medicine that they delivered for him. Is this the rule of the law that the EULEX is supposed to establish?