A gathering titled “No Borders, Kosovo and Metohija is Serbia” began just before 1 PM, and its attendees, who were about 150 meters away from the Jarinje crossing on the side of the central part of Serbia, were carrying signs and Serbian flags and playing Serbian national songs. They also set on fire a banner saying “The Brussels Agreement”.

They said that they had gathered in order to send a message to KFOR, who had previously set up barbed wire behind the administrative line, that they had no business being there and that this was not the border between Serbia and Kosovo.

At one point, the participants had passed the Serbian police cordon and approached the administrative crossing itself. There was pushing and commotion with the police officers and they were able to break through all the way to the crossing, where they were again stopped by a Serbian police cordon, but there were no other incidents.

The KFOR announced that it had increased its presence at the Jarinje administrative crossing for preventive security reasons. In their statement to Koha Priština, the mission said that the reinforcement in troops was carried out due to the possible presence of, as they said, “criminal groups among the protesters”.