The President of the Board for Kosovo and Metohija in the Assembly of Serbia Milovan Drecun said that the German-French plan for Kosovo was unacceptable to Serbia because it starts with the assumption that Serbia ought to accept it and effectively recognize the self-proclaimed statehood of Kosovo, and that the discussions on the Union of Serbian Municipalities, missing persons and all other unresolved issues will only take place after that.

It is his belief that the most dangerous prospect in the situation when the Serbs are defending their right to survival on the barricades in the north of Kosovo and Metohija is the arrival of KFOR and the possibility of a ‘false flag’ operation, that is, an Albanian attack again the members of the KFOR and EULEX that Priština would pin on the Serbs.

“This has already begun through the attack on EULEX that the Albanians organized by themselves and blamed it on Serbs,” said Drecun to Pink television.

Commenting on the announced KFOR exercise in Novo Selo near Kosovska Mitrovica, Drecun pointed out that it could be used as a cover to remove the barricades, pointing out that the trust in KFOR would be lost forever if they did that.

Talking about Serbia’s request to the KFOR to re-deploy between 100 and 1,000 members of the Armed Forces of Serbia to Kosovo and Metohija, in accordance with the Resolution No. 1244, Drecun said that the initiative posed a much larger problem for the international community than it appeared at a glance.

“The Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed Kosovo Albin Kurti said that Serbia’s request to KFOR was ridiculous, but it is not ridiculous. Our demand has drawn a lot of attention from the entire international community, because it put the spotlight on the Resolution No. 1244. The West wants it removed from the public eye, seeing as the self-proclaimed statehood of Kosovo is contrary to the Resolution No. 1244,” Drecun assessed.

He explained that Serbia wanted to put the marginalized United Nations back into play, and the first step towards it is to re-deploy Serbian armed forces to Kosovo and Metohija.

“However, bringing up the Resolution No. 1244 is too heavy a burden for the international community. That is why new incident situations are being created. a crisis is maintained at a controlled level, but the crisis, according to their plans, is supposed to be permanent,” Drecun pointed out.