Unfortunately, the living conditions of the first President of the Republic of Srpska Radovan Karadžić in prison in England have not improved by much, said the president of the Center for Restoration of the International Law and attorney Goran Petronijević, as a guest at the Morning Show on RTRS.

Petronijević said that until about ten days ago, Karadžić was only allowed contact with his most immediate family, and it was only once a week for five minutes.

“So, basically only so that he could tell them that he was alive. The torture continues, as they are now forcing him to speak English, since they do not have a translator on staff to be able to monitor what he is saying. Can you imagine that, he has to speak to his own family in English!,” said Petronijević.

Petronijević cautioned that it was a permanent and horrific continuation of the infringement of Karadžić’s rights as a human and as a prisoner.

“I am personally very concerned for what will happen with him in the future,” said Petronijević.