According to Pink, last night around 7:45 PM Albanian special forces attacked Serbs in Zubin Potok, and Serbian forces responded to the attack. Video footage of the incident began making the rounds on social media during the evening.

The president of the Serbian List Goran Rakić took part in the special program on the Pink television this evening regarding the attack on Serbs in Zubin Potok.

Goran Rakić stressed that, according to the information from the Crisis Headquarters and the KFOR, the members of the KFOR were not under attack.

Goran Rakić

“I would like to deny the reporting of the media from Priština that there had been an attack on the KFOR units. Our information from the ground says that there was no attack on the KFOR. This disinformation is yet another in a series of those spread by Priština. The situation is calm, people are committed to staying at the barricades,” said Goran Rakić, the president of the Serbian List.