Historian Aleksandar Raković said to Kosovo Online that “this was the greatest scandal that the authorities in Priština have caused to date, seeing as they did not allow the leader of the Serbian Orthodox Church to go to his own home, to the Patriarchate of Peć, the ancient seat of the Serbian Patriarchs”.

“This is an unusual scandal which shows that the authorities in Priština will not have consideration for anybody. No matter how conciliatory the Patriarch’s positions are to Albanians, it is incomprehensible how they have reached the decision to take this step. The Patriarch continually encouraged good will and coexistence of Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija. He has always emphasized the positive examples and affirmed the idea of discussions between Serbs and Albanians, without the participation of anyone else, in particular those who seek to sow discord between the Serbian and Albanian people. In spite of all of that and his paternal care for his people in Kosovo and Metohija, Kurti and his regime have physically stopped him from entering Kosovo and Metohija,” said Raković.