The authorities in the so-called Kosovo are moving towards an escalation, the Western countries should be putting pressure on Priština to force them to give up on their militant plans and fulfill their obligations, said the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Alexander Grushko.

“With great concern, we are monitoring the developments in the situation in the so-called Kosovo and its surroundings. What we are seeing is that the Kosovo “authorities” are leading a policy of escalation, and it is evident that they are relying on the overt and covert support of their sponsors, most of all from the side of the European Union and Washington,” said Grushko.

According to him, “all those who are influencing the policy of behavior of the so-called Kosovo should be putting pressure on it towards the direction of finding a political solution”.

“Most of all, they should be forcing Priština to give up on their militant plans which consist of destabilizing the Balkans and to fulfill all of its previously accepted obligations provided by the Brussels Agreement, and which consist of creating the Union of Serbian Municipalities as a central element in the resolution of the Kosovo problem,” concluded Grushko in a conversation with Sputnik.