A large public protest will be held in front of the Culture Center in Štrbac against the brutal attempted murder of Serbian boy Stefan and Serbian young man Miloš Stojanović in Gotovuša, the assault of Serbian young man Stefan Tomić in Klokot, as well as continued anti-Serbian oppression, announced the Serbian List.

“We call on all citizens from the entire Kosovo and Metohija to attend this peaceful and democratic protest, to show our support for the wounded and their families, but also to raise our voices against the tyranny of Albin Kurti, the consequence of which is a threat to peace and the continued persecution of the Serbian people in this region,” announced the Serbian List.

11-year-old Stefan and 21-year-old Miloš Stojanović were shot on Friday, when a local Albanian man shot at them from a moving vehicle without any cause, according to the Office for Kosovo and Metohija. In the moment of the attack, they were walking alongside the road and carrying a badnjak, when the assailant started firing bursts at them.