Two boys of the Serbian nationality from the village of Gotovuša in the Municipality of Štrpce in Kosovo and Metohija have been wounded in the shoulder and hand, respectively, while returning from cutting a badnjak, when Albanians who happened to be passing by opened fire on them. Both boys have undergone surgery in Gračanica.

The director of the Health Center in Štrbac, Dr. Saša Krstičić, who was also the first to render aid to the injured boys who told him what had happened to them, described the sequence of events.

“The children were going to cut down their badnjaks and on their way back they were carrying the badnjaks and singing. A private vehicle stopped in front of them at one point, coming from the direction of Brezovac, towards Uroševac. When the driver saw them, he exited the vehicle, took out a handgun and fired shots indiscriminately. The underage boy, S.S., 11 years old, was shot in the shoulder, whereas the 21-year-old young man Miloš Stojanović was shot in the hand,” said Dr. Krstičić.

Dr. Krstičić explained that the underage boy was shot in the shoulder and that the bullet stayed inside, while Miloš Stojanović was shot in the hand.